Redrock's mission is to develop and commercialize fuel cell solutions for use in the marine industry by working with world's best suppliers and industry-leading customers. Redrock's founders have decades of heavy duty fuel cell development and systems integration experience. We're dedicated to bringing that experience to the marine market.


Redrock is developing the RR-2 marine fuel cell platform, with a nominal power of 300kW. In addition, the RR-2 is being designed in accordance with:

  • Best in class efficiency >53%.
  • 1.5x short term power.
  • Simple in-situ maintenance.
  • DNV GL approvals.


Redrock has partnered with Ballard Power Systems to address the marine market using Ballard's fuel cell technology. Ballard pioneered this technology and continues to be its benchmark.

Redrock is working with Echandia Marine to develop zero emissions fast ferries. Echandia is leading innovator in the area of cutting edge marine technology.


Paul Paterson

Paul is a seasoned Professional Engineer who has built a career around fuel cell systems integration, team building, and customer satisfaction.

Passionate about clean energy, Paul is eager to bring his fuel cell expertise to the marine sector. Paul lives on Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Interested in joining Redrock's team? Submit your CV!

Redrock is currently accepting CV's from talented engineers in the following disciplines: Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electromech, Electrical, Marine, Industrial. Redrock is also looking for business development professionals.

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